The Basilica Cistern; The Underground Place

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Ocak 14, 2024
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Ocak 14, 2024

The Basilica Cistern; The Underground Place

What about being at the a magical atmoshere,peaceful music and being immediately beside the center of the world that underground?

The period of time waits for you to have experince splendid feelings at the Basilica Cistern.

The Basilica Cistern

It was built by the Byzantine Emperor the first Justinian in five hundred fourty two to serve the purpose of the city’ water need.It was also named with the ‘’Yerebatan Palace’’ because of the column risng from into the water.
There are three hundred thirty six columns in a hundred fourty seventy dimensions.
Totally,it has 80.000 cubic meters of water
When enter the Basilica Cistern ,Leave yourself to the mood of the atmosphere.You leave yourself in the entrancing atmosphere.
The colors that rising into the the darkness,creates different feelings.
You are walking accompanied with music that feeds your feelings peacefully.
The fishes that swimming in the cistern
Besides watching the fishes floating into the water,there is also a good deal of coins in water that was thrown to wish.

The Crying Column

While moving forward to the midst of the cistern there is anathor column in cistern that resembles to Wish-Stone, The Criying Column.It is thought that the column put there for memory of the slaves who worked in the construction of the cistern and lost their lives.The visitors like in Hagia Sophia wish by turning thir fingers to the hallow on Stone.

The Head of Medusa

Another place that draws attention is The Head of Medusa which is at the end of the cistern where the visitors have taken photo.The Medusa is the only mortal one in her ancestry.Because of her relationship with Poseidon,she was punished by Athena and she was turned into a monster that her haie shaped like a snake.She has a power that when she looks at everything she is able to turn them into stone.According to belief,to cut head protects the place where it is.The Sculpture of Medusa Head was put there in order to protect the cistern which was placed in back and side in order not to real the legends.

You can take a photo and drink your coffee

There is giving service at the entrance of cistern that you can immortalize your trip by taking photo in historical costumes.You can sip your coffe and tea accomponied with the glamour of the Basilica Cistern in the cafeteria where the place before the exit gate.

Istanbul calls you 

Wherever you are in the world, come and have experience about the traces of the world civilizations at capital of the history 

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