The Hagia Sophia

İstanbul Kaç Yaşında (Bölüm 2)
Şubat 28, 2020
Mart 22, 2020

The Hagia Sophia

Do you want to see the first Cathedral of the world? 

You will feel both the magnificence of the Roman Empire and power of the Ottoman Empire.

You will be captivated by the glory of one thousand five hundred years of the history and feel different exicitement in every frame.

The Hagia Sophia calls you.

It should be part of your plan that visiting the nested historical and cultural mosaic of the Roman and the Ottoman Empire that directed to the world of the period of the two great religions, Christianity and Islam. 

The Cathedral in Rome, the Mosque in Ottoman, the Museum nowadays.

It was burned and toppled down in it resisted against the history. The Hagia Sophia is the common museum of the Islam and Christianity with its magnificent. According to the Ortodox, the God has three qualities. The Hagia Sophia means that divine knowledge which is one of these three qualities. When it was the first built, the name of Megale Ekklesia was given it. This is a Great Church. It calls as the third Hagia Sophia due to it was burned and toppled down. 

The Hagia Sophia, One, Two, Three

It was built by Constantine in three hundred –sixty years. The Patrik was exiled due to disagreement with the wife of the Emperor in Arcadus period. The deportation of the ecclesiarch caused the rebellion and after the rebellion, the church was burned and toppled down. The Theodosios rebuilt the church in four hundred -fifteen years. But, the church would be burned and toppled down due to Nike rebellion in Justinyen period and it would be share the same fate with the first one.

A church drawn with dreams.

The Nike rebellion strengthened the suppresed Justinion government. The Justinian who had authority again in the city, decided to rebuilt more magnificent than before the church that was destroyed .
The Physicist, Isidorus and the Mathematician Anthemius were prepared in a short time and presented to the Emperor. But, the Emperor didn’t like any of the drafts and didn’t accept it. According to the story, one night Isidras found drafts related with the church. The Emperor like these drafts and accepted to building the church. According to another story; Isidamus drawn the drafts in his dream which liked by the Emperor.

The Column was Brought From the Sacred Temples.

The construction of the church was begun in five hundred thirty-two and after five years it was completed in five hundred-three seven. In the construction of the church, the columns were used that was brought from the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, the temple of the Sun in Egypt, and the Temple of Baalbek in Lebanan.
Hey! Suleyman, I overcame you!
According to another story, Justinian yelled that ‘’ Hey! ‘’ Suleyman, I overcame you due to a great building than the Suleyman Mabed which was the most large Mabed until that time.
Whenn you enter the Hagia Sophia and go through the door, you immediately realise that come to the a very special place. The magnificent domes and its ornaments meet you. On the other hand, the traces of the Christendom and the other sidwe, the traces of the Islamic world. The magnificent tourde force interweaved with the power of the Ottoman Empire. This mosaic, consisted of different religions and cultures arouses you utterly different feelings.
You feel indefinable emotions while you cross into the place that a Muslim Sultan performs prayer from the the place where a Christian Emperor had corronation. When you look at the domes from below, you want to go over with a bang to your moments by looking down. You will pass through a narrow and illuminated corridors to go upstairs.
Leave it open to your Cameras. You pass through the corridors which are rare and you will want to take a photo. When you go upstairs, you will see a place that the Empress watches the ceremonies of the Emperor’s coronation. Before taking photograph race, lean the marble and follow up the Hagia Sophia. 

The Trimmed Mosaics on The Walls

When you go up, you will encounter mosaics. Even if not same parts of it, an important part was extanted. You will see that articles in some places, when you lean the marbles to look down from time to time. Those letters belongs to the Vikings.
The Zoe Mosaic.
The Emperor Monomakhos and the Empress Zoe and in the midst of them the Prophet were figured. On the head of the Emperor, the Konstanstinos Monomakhos who is the serf of the Jesus Christ. If the head of the Empress, The Agusto Zoe was written. IC-XC, was written on both sides of the Prophet Jesus,is abbreviation of Jesus Khristos. 
The Deisis Mosaic. 
The John the Baptist and Virgin Mary pray to the Prophet Jesus who is in the midst of them. To forgiveness of mankind on the Judgement Day.
The Komnenos Mosaic.
The second Emperor Ionnes and his wife Eirine. Those who were imaged with a baby in the midst of them are the Virgin Mary and the Prophet Jesus Christ. 
Your wish can be come true. But, fisrt you should rotate your finger three hundred –sixty degrees. 
When you go downstairs again, you will see a hole column at the end of the corridor. This column is wish-stone. Put you finger in and try to rotate it three hundred-sixty degrees. According to a belief, If you achieve this, your wishes will come true. 

Istanbul calls you

Wherever you are in the world, come and have experience about the traces of World civilizations in the capital of history

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