One Empire,Three Continents

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Ocak 14, 2024
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Ocak 14, 2024

One Empire,Three Continents

One Empire,Three Continents

The palace of empire governing the three continents.It is the center of Islam’s Caliphate for a long time.

Come to Palace and walk in the road of the Sultan’s who ruled the world.

Have experience about walking around the heart of empire.

The Topkapı Palace calls you

With the rod of Moses

With the sword of Mehmet The Conqueror who conquered Istanbul

With the properties of Suleyman The Magnificent who conquered the world

With the Holy House which men did not enter in empire period

And the glory of many others 

The Topkapı Palace calls you

You will feel that you have a precedence

Your trip will start in Babı-Humayun.You will pass through the Sultanate’s gate.You will be move towards Babusselam while you see the Hagia Eirene on your side.You will pass through the second gate of the palace.You will see the place where discussing about desicions to take the management of the Imperial Council Empire.
You will see the weapons of the Mehmet The Conqueror who conquered Istanbul and Suleyman The Magnificent who conquered the Europe. 
You will see that properties of the Prophet of Islam.Muhammad and the prophet of Jews,the Moses’s rod.
The Golden Horn will be your left,the Bosphorus will be opposite and the Sea of Marmara will be on your right.
Come to Istanbul and visit the one of the greatest empires’s house of history in the capital of history.Meet the holiness of the prophets.

The Capital of Empire,Istanbul

After Mehmet The Conqueror had conquered Istanbul ,Istanbul was the center of empire any more.It was started to build a magnificent palace that befit empire’s dignity.The Topkapı Palace was built on 700.000 square meter in eighteen years.The palace which was accepted as the Sultan’s house,it was also the center of empire.

The Bab-ı Humayun

The Bab-ı Humayun meets you when you enter Topkapı Palace from the Sultanahmet Square.The Bab-ı Humayun also known as Sultanate’s Gate,which is the first gate of the Bab-ı Humayun Palace.On the left side of the door,it was written that ‘’Whoever is persecuted,come to this door.On the right side ‘’The Sultan is shadow of God on earth.

The Hagia Eirene

After you passed through the Sultanate’s Gate,you will be entered the first courtyard of the palace.The structure on the left,will be the first attract your attention.It is the Hagia Eirene Church.The church that you can find its information in our Hagia Eirene site,was used as arsenal in Ottoman period and nowadays it provides service both as a museum and as a place where performs the artistic activities.

The Gate of Babusselam

When you come to end of the courtyard,the second gate meets you,The Babusselam Gate,The Gate of Babusselam is symbol of palace.The responsibility of respect had been shown there.No one could pass through this gate with their horse except the Sultan.Even the prominents of the state dismount from their horse and they proceeded on their way by foot.
After passed through Babusselam you will have been the second courtyard of the palace.One the right side,The Fine Barns,the Besir Agha Mosque,the Bathhouse and the farthest point is the Matbahı Amire namely Palace Kitchens.On the left your side,there are Imperial Council,the External Treasury and the Judgement Kasrı.

The Sohum Epitaph

You will see an epitaph when you walk to the Imperial Council.The epitaph belong to the Sohum Castle which was built on the shores of the Black Sea in the third Ahmet peiod.

The Imperial Council

The Imperial Council is a place where the state matters were discussed.The state matters were discussed in the Imperial Council and then went to supply room and presented to the Sultan.
There is a side where consisted of the clocks and weapons on the side of the Imperial Council.This area which was used an external treasury in Ottoman period,so many works are on showing with lighting from the weapons to various clock models belonging to the Sultan.
The tower appearing on the side where the Imperial Couincil situated,is Justice Kasrı.The Sultan both watched the city and witnessed the council meetings.
The part of the third door where the next to the courtyard entrance is the Halberdiers with Tresses Home.The tresses is a home that were taken its names from earlocks that looks like braiding flow from headgear which put on their head,provides to the Sultan secure communications,bonus and it makes preparations of activities like celebrations.

The Babussade Gate

The Babussade Gate is the entrance door of the third courtyard.There is a place at the entrane of the door where the flag is hanging.The right across of the door is supply room.The discussing matters in the Imperial Council were presented to the Sultan.

The Sacred Relics

The most remarkable place of the third courtyard where the Sacred Relics are exhibited.In the sections are used as’’The Fine Room’’ during the empire period,like these are exhibited today;
The Kaaba’s Key
The Covering of Sancak-ı Sheriff
The Skal-ı Sheriff
The Covering of Muhammad’s Tooth
The Medina Land
The Rod of Moses
The Prophet of Islam and The Sacred Values of Islam like the swords of Four Khalifas.
The other buildings of the third courtyard are The Enderun Library,The Enderun Treasury,The Ward of Treasury and The Aghas Mosque.

Watch Istanbul from the palace.

After leaving from the third courtyard,enters the fourth courtyard.There are mansions in this area.The Circumsion Revan Mansion,The Baghdad Mansion,The Sofa Mension,The Sofa Mosque,The Head-Physician Room and The Esvab Rooms are in this courtyard.The remarkable place of the courtyard appears when you come to the end.The Golden Horn is on your left,the Bosphorus is opposite and the Sea of Marmara appears on your right.This area where the visitors have struggle for taking photo,has also cafeteria where you can eat and drink your coffe.

The Holy House;Harem

The Harem is one of the most remarkable place of the palace.The Harem means that the Holy House managed by the mother of Sultan,The Queen Mother.You have to enter to the Harem from an another entrance gate.The Harem that men did not enter,is opens everybody to visit today.The most hidden part of Topkapı Palace are there.The empire,the most difficult struggles of history,the greatest plots have happened in these roads where you walked.You will feel yourself in hundreds years ago in your Harem journey. 

Istanbul calls you 

Wherever you are in the world, come and have experience about the traces of the world civilizations at capital of the history 

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