The Aya Maria Church

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Mart 14, 2024
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Mart 14, 2024

The Aya Maria Church

The Aya Maria Church

The distressing life directed her to holiness.She was memorialized as Mary of Empire.She was portrayed with the Prophet in Chora Church.

The Aya Maria Church calls you.

Come to Istanbul and visit the Mongol’s Mary Monastery.Feel the journey from the sorrow-filled life to devoted faithful life.

 The Maria is a sorrowful woman.

The Maria Despina is a sorrowful woman.She always played second fiddle due to the emperor’s illegitimate child.According to the word-of-mouth,she fell in love with an ordinary people and she escaped.But the emperor did not accept this situation and killed Maria’s lover.The Maria’s suffering did not end up.The Byzantine Emperor who wishes good relationships with Mongol that one of powerful states in that period,sends Maria to Mongol Emperor as a wife.The misfortunes did not end up that.Because of the death of Mongol Emperor before his wedding,this marriage could not bring about.She forced to married with the son of man who was actually should be married.But,this marriage won’t take long.The Emperor who married with her,died.Thereupon she had to sent  Byzantine according to Mongol tradition.
She devoted herself to God on the course of Jesus.
The Maria abandoned herself to religon among her fifteen years sorrowful life.She engaged in missionary in Mongol’s territories and tried to spread Christianity.After returning to Istanbul,she continued as a nun by restorated the monastery which was built in Maurician period.
The Mary of Mongols
She is remembered as the Mary of Mongol namely the Mary of East due to looking after women and children during her life in Mongolia.
The rescript of Fatih protected the church
Although the doomed church,it is the only church belonging to the Byzantine period,was not turned into a mosque.The main reason of this is rescript given by Mehmet the Conqueror.Because of this rescript,The Maria Church was never turned into a mosque.
The Bloody Church
During the invasion of Istanbul,it is called as the Bloody Church due to exceedingly draw blood.
At The Prophet’s Feet
The only visuality related to Maria on mosaics of the roof in the Chora Museum.The Maria was figured at the Prophet’s feet in the Deisis Mosaic.Although it has not visuality as the great churches of Istanbul,it deserves a great respect by its story,The Maria Church.


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