The Galata Bridge 

The Obelisk in Istanbul; The Obelisk from Tutmosis to Constantine in Istanbul
Mart 14, 2024
I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park
Mart 14, 2024

The Galata Bridge 

The Galata Bridge 

The thought of building the Galata Bridge dates back to old times.Leonardo da Vinci sent a letter to Sultan the second Bayezid and put out the word that he wanted to build a bridge.In his letter he says that ‘’I have heard that our master will build a bridge to Istanbul.But I have learned that anyone could not find a competent.The servant who is a businesslike can be executer.The bridge will be built on a high arch.But I will cover with boarding the edges of bridge because I think that no one can cross such a high arched bridge.’’The reason of planning such a high arch is that they can easily pass under the sails.

The Michelangelo want to be involved in the thought of build bridge to Istanbul

But,the Ulemas in that period did not allow this idea.Then Michelangelo also wanted to build a bridge to Istanbul,but the holy father the second Jules in that period did not allow him. 

The Bezmialem Queen Mother had built bridge

The bridge was built by the Bezmialem Queen Mother in 1845.The bridge is 500 meters long,was built between the Karaköy and Eminönü.

Looking at The Bosphorus from The Golden Horn

If you want to eat something in the unique view of Bosphorus at the entrance of the Golden ,you can go to Galata Bridge.Those people who cast a fly to catch fish in the daytime,will accompny you when you walk on the bridge.

Come to Istanbul and have experince that how a city has an another exicetement with its every details

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