I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park

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Mart 14, 2024
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Mart 14, 2024

I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park

I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park

You are invited to the Gulhane Park to enjoy the utterly different atmosphere of periods and to whistle among the poplars of the roses garden.

The Rose Garden of Topkapı Palace

The Gulhane means a lot than a park. The name was taken for being the rose garden of The Topkapı Palace which ruled the world. It was sometimes the subject of the songs and sometimes was announced from here to public that changing regimes of the empires.
From the verses of Nazım Hikmet to the walking with whistles of Anatolian people
Don’t be surprised If you realize that you are singing with whistling through the walking the poplar trees. 
According to the story ; Nazım Hikmet sought out by polices in that time. He wanted to meet his lover, Piraye. He sent a message to Piraye by his his friend. But, his friend was untrusting. He told this situtation to the polices .
-Tomorrow,at twelve o‘clock in Gulhane Park
The next day Nazım came with great eagerness. But he saw taht the polices were everywhere. He climbed on a walnut tree and hide out there. And then, Piraye came. On the one side, Piraye was there and the other side, polices were there. Neither he could take a step Piraye nor, could speak.
And the words poured out from the Master Nazım 
‘I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park
Neither you are aware of this, nor the police
The song The Walnut Tree that you hummed, is composed by Cem Karaca

The first statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Keeping the park in life has continued after the Republic. The first statue of Mustafa Kemal was erected on Sarayburnu in Gulhane Park. The statue was made by Australian Kripel and was erected on October three, in nineteen-twenty six, which is in current place.
The photograph that was memorized in primary school
There is a picture that you saw in primary school. Mustafa Kemal introduces the Latin letters on a blackboard. So, this photograph was taken in Gulhane Park. He took the title of head teacher with a ceremony that performed on November twenty four ,nineteen-twenty eight

I am on a long a narrow road, I am going day and night

There is not only the statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Gulhane Park. It also hosts an important name. There is also statue of Asık Veysel who is one of the famous minstrel in Republic period. Asık Veysel is mentioned here every March twenty one. 

One period passes to another period; The Imperial Edict of Reorganization

The first democratisation steps of the Ottoman Empire were taken with this rescript. The foreign minister, Admiral Mustafa Reşit read The Imperial Edict of Reorganisation in Gulhane Park in the period of Abdulmecit on November three, eighteen-thirty nine. Thus, the other name of this rescript is Gulhane Hatt-ı Humayun.

The Stone of Goths

When you go to sea side of the park, a column waits for you. This monument known as the Goths Column, for some people said that it was constructed by Constantine and according to some people, it was constructed in the period of the second Cloudius Gothicus. What is certain is that the oppositon of Byzantine againsts Goths and their victory
The Goths are tribes of Germanic that there are Goth States such as the tribes Gotland, Vestergoteland, Ostergoteland in Switzerland. The Goths have bond between Scandinavian and Germanic. 

The Goths are on the pedestal of Column 

Fortunae Reduci Ob Devictus Gothos 
was written to Fortuna who turned back because of the Goths ‘s defeat.a’ya yazmaktadır. 

The Orphanage of Aziz Pavlos

You will see an area that surrounded with gratings immediately below the Goths Column. Don’t suppose that a few historical ruins were surrounded. If it is not known very well, it is an orphanage was built by Emperor Justinionas in five hundred- seventy eight. The Orphanage of Aziz Pavlos. Unfortunately, there are only these ruins at the present time. You can the various information about the orphanage in the Byzantine section of Istanbul Archeological Museum 

The Three-Dimensional Turtoise Trainer

You will need to prepare your photograph machines while you are continue on the walls of the archeological museum. You will meet The Three Dimensional Tortoise Trainer of Sir Osman Hamdi. The necessary corrections have been made so that you can take close-up pictures. If you achieve the nice frames, it means that you need a frame on your wall. 

The Museums in Gulhane

The old barns in Gulhane Park and the Regiment Kiosk at the entrance that were made quite valuable, opened to entertain guests. 

One of them is The Museum of History of Islamic Science and Technology

The section where the old barns turned into a museum. A museum was opened that exhibited all the scientific and technological inventions which the Islamic world ‘s contribution the humanity. The Museum of History of Islamic Science and Technology which has been service since two thousand –eight (2008), stil entertains its guests. You can find yourself in a journey that will astonish you and can learn new things. You will discover that the Islam’s contributions about science and technology in adventure of history. 

The other is; Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Museum Library

The Regiment Mansion of the period of Ottoman at the entrance of the park, has been turned into the first museum library of Turkey. The name was taken from the famous Turkish man of letter, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar. After a pleasant walking you can abondon yourself to the smell of boks. 

Gulhane Park calls you

Do you want to travel in the garden of roses in summer of poplar trees’s coolness ? 

Do you want to feel the sadness of fall and winter in history ? 

Come to Gulhane Park 

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