The Galata Tower

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Mart 14, 2024
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Mart 14, 2024

The Galata Tower

On the one side of Istanbul is The Maiden’s Tower and on the other side is

The Galata Tower

When you think Istanbul that you will see Istanbul from a different viewpoint at the Galata tower which is the primary structure that the first thing comes to mind.

On the one side is the Golden Horn and on the other side is the Bosphorus

Come to Istanbul

There are numerous stories that you will have adventure.Istanbul is a city that its stories are worth living as its history

Did Hazarfen Ahmet Celebi really fly?

According to the story told by Evliya Celebi,one day Hazarfen Ahmet Celebi put on wing in a windy day then let himself a space and goes across the Bosphorus and go down the Cutaria’s side.

Come and see it with your own eyes.Is it possible ?

One of the oldest towers in the world
It was built as the light house by the Byzantine Emperor Arastasius in 528.
This tower was damaged by the fourth Crusade,was repaired by the Genoese in 1348 and it was named as the Jesus Tower.
The Galata,which had been restorated almost every century,it was used as the asylum of prisoners of war and was used as observatory and asylum for prisoners in Sultan the third Murat period but then the observatory was closed
The building was used for supervision fire in eighteenth century,it ironically was burnt due to fire outbreak

Istanbul calls you 

Wherever you are in the world, come and have experience about the traces of the world civilizations at capital of the history 

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