The Hagia Eirene; The Legend of Penelope

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Mart 14, 2024
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Mart 14, 2024

The Hagia Eirene; The Legend of Penelope

Would you like to see the first the church of Byzantium?

Would you like to see the first museum of Istanbul?

It is an art center as well as museum.

Come to Hagia Eirene

Enjoy the pleasure of living the cultural mosaics of Istanbul at the same time

The Legend of Penelope

The ‘’Aya Irini’’,in other words the ‘’Hagia Eirene’’means that ‘’Holy Peace’’
According to legend ,Penelope comes to the city when Constantine builds and Penelope tries to make Romans as Christian.The idolaters who disturbed by this situation,threw Penelope into a snaky wellhole.But,all night the snakes stay away from Penelope.She was lapidated and was dragged by a waggon but she still was alive.This situation was accepted as divine act among people.Therewith,Christianity begins to spread in East Roman.The Constantine who built the city,declares Penelope as ‘’Ave’’ and gives the name of Hagia Eirene.Here is the church of Hagia Eirene was made for her

The Byzantine builds their first church.

The Constantine had built the church by taking into consideration of sanctuary ruins of Artemisia,Aphrodite,Apollon and it is also the first church built by Bzantine.After the conquest of Istanbul,the church which has not been turned into a mosque,is not the same as its former construction.Thereupon,the Emperor Justinian had forbidden the polytheistic religion in 532,the uprising riots were repressed.Even if it was repaired after the rebellion was repressed,but it was re-burned and obliged to restoration again in 564. The ordeal of Hagia Eirene is not finished yet.This time the earthquakes followed up her.It had been repaired. 

From the Arsenal of Fatih Sultan Mehmet to The First Museum of Istanbul

After Fatih Sultan Mehmet had conqured Istanbul,the church was used as arsenal.After the weapons in store were became antique in time,it has been continued as the first museum in Istanbul. The bases of the museums known as Istanbul Archeological Museum today,were laid with the works removed to Tiled Pavilion in eighteen-seventy five. 

The Hagia Eirene is One of The Art Centers of Turkey

Notwithstanding that the Hagia Eirene is not only a museum that provides service it also hosts to artistic activities since 1973.

Istanbul calls you 

Wherever you are in the world, come and have experience about the traces of the world civilizations at capital of the history 

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