The Istanbul Archeological Museums

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Mart 14, 2024
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Mart 14, 2024

The Istanbul Archeological Museums

Would you like to travel in time ?

Who wouldn’t want? Don’t you think so.

We have an invitation for you.

The Istanbul Archeological Museums call you.

Do you want to travel across thousand of years of history?

Do you want to nose out the history in tens of civilizations ruins ?

Do you want to examine the masterpieces that created by civilizations?

Or, do you want to see what people have done thousand years ago ?

Are you ready to travel in time on thousand of years frames from the Mesopotamia to Egypt, from the Middle East to Anatolia.

Come to the stanbul Archeological Museums. 

The Anatolia, Egypt, Greece ,Rome, Middle East, Mesopotamia.

You will visit to another civilization in every step and you will be a witness to period of time everywhere. When you come to the outer door of the museum, you will get excited. You will have sense that the accumulation of thousand of years summon you. When you come in, your headiness will give way to the magnificent travel in time.

The Museum of the Old East Works

Firstly, you visit the Museum of the Old East Works. You will come across so many works from the Egypt to Mesopotamia. You will travel in time when you examine the extanted works of the Sumerian, Babylonia, Egypt, Assyria.

The Egypt Mummy

The Egypt Mummy waits you on the first enter. Have you ever seen a mummy before? You continue your trip by examining the works of Egypt and Mesaopotomia thousand years ago which people made with their hands. Some of them are handmade Works and some of them are as tall as you, even the larger sculptures.

The First Laws of Human Being

While your travel in time continue, you will see a section related with cuneiforms.You will come across with first things.You will see the examples of statue laws, Ur- Nammu and Hammurabı. You are with the first statue laws of mankind thousand years ago that belong to period of Sumerian and Babylonia.

That Inscribed Thing was Love

You will realise a work that you get excited, when you look at the desicion was given that models of inscribed onto the Stones of the Family Courts and the Criminal Courts. That is the love poem which was discovered until today .

The Kadesh Agreement

While our travel in time continue, we come across an agreement that we remember from the primary school. It is an agreement which is known the first written agreement in history, Kadesh Agreement. By this agreement, the only feature is not the first written agreement. We come across with a woman’s signature who is the one of the first prominent female in history. The Puduhepa who has legendary beauty. In the beginning, she was accepted as servant of the Goddess of Hera, she has got respect as the goddess by her beauty, combined with potency power. She has seal in Kadesh Agreement. When you realise that you are in the Old East Works section for a long time, on the one hand you want to see all subjects without missing, on the other hand you want to go the other sections of the museum and look forward to see more new things. 

The Archeological Museums.

After leaving the Old East Museum, you proceed to the section of the Archeological Museum from a peaceful yard among the sprinkled Works in garden. When you come into the Archeological Museum, you will come across the sculpture of Roman period. From the beginning of Sophan to Athena and from Ares to Poseidon, whoever you have ever heard in mythologhy, all of them seems like wait you.

The Adventure of Istanbul 

When you arrive at the end of this glorious road full of sculptures, you will continue upstairs. This time your destination in your travel in time that the capital of history, is Istanbul. One of the place of Istanbul will meet you. You will start a long Istanbul adventure. Sometimes, you may be at Khalkedon and sometimes, you may be at Galata. Maybe there are chains that Fatih Sultan Mehmet pulled through the ships, and maybe there are heads of snake made from melted weapons of Persian armies who you watched in three hundred Spartans.Your trip will go on from the first natives to Rome, from the Byzantine to the Ottoman that among to countless works in every part of Istanbul. When you go up one up floor, you will set off on journey . Particularly, Troy, your trip will go on among the civilizations in Anatolia that created a new civilization. You will go on one up with worries that as if the floor will never end and time will not be enough. This time you are in the Middle East . You will visit all the geographies of the Middle East from Iraq ,Syria. 

The Sarcophagi

If the subject is Archeology, wouldn’t there be sarcophagi ? You will find sections about Sarcophagi at the end of the archeological museum. According to most of them, the Sarcophagi constutes the most of important work of the Istanbul Archeological Museum. It is Alexander Sarcophagi Sidemara Lahdi is one of the important sarcophagi that the museum hosts again.The Sidemara is accepted that to be the greatest sarcophagus of the world. Be careful when you go through the side of the door of Sidemar Sarcophagi. Most of people don’t realise but you will pass through a glass floor. If you look carefully the underground, you will meet another skeleton.h style=”color:#000000″>

The Tiled Pavilion

This section of Istanbul Archeological Museum displays the tile works of the Seljuk and the Ottoman perod. This is exactly where you should, if you have cruosity about tiles. The important pieces belonging to Mr. Osman Hamdi and Ab-ı Hayat Fountain are in this section of the museum.

Let’s not talk anymore. Come and join to this unique travel in time. This Istanbul Archeological Museum should be listed that must see the places

There is something else that you should know like these magnificent moments that the museum felt us. It is the inutterable peaceful garden of Istanbul Arcehological Museum. On one hand, while you are sip tea, take in the Gulhane Park, on the other hand, speak to each other about what you have lived, and what you felt in your travel in time.

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