The Saint Antuan Church

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Mart 14, 2024
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Mart 14, 2024

The Saint Antuan Church

A Christian,a Muslim,a Jew and a Non-Believer

The Saint Antuan Church

Have you ever seen a church where Christians,Muslims and Jews are prayed at the same time and on the other hand,even non-believers go around admiringly and take pictures ?

You need to come to Istanbul for this.The church you need to see is St.Antione (Antuan) Church.

The Biggest Catholic Church of Istanbul

The Catholic Church in Istanbul,Taksim,Istiklal Avenue is the biggest church of Istanbul.The Church belonging to Franciscan Sect had been located so many places in history and it has now taken place in early 20th century.

The Hagia Sophia of Latins

When the Franciscans were settled in Istanbul in 1221,firstly they settled in Theotokos Kyriotissa Church.A few years later,the priest built on another church around Galata in the name of Saint Fransua.And the Franciscans started to go to this church.Its architecture was so magnificent that the church would become overtalkative in time as the Hagia Sophia of Latins

Everytime ‘’The Antoine (Antuan) Church ‘’ Once Again

The church burnt twice was rebuilt in 1639,was turned into a mosque at the end of the same century due to Sultan the Second Mustafa’s mother’s opressions.In the first quarter of 1700s,the church would be opened again in Pera and at the beginning of 1900s would take its present place in Istiklal Avenue.The inner side of the church was designed as Latin cross and when you look from high,the church appears like a cross.

The Fernando Comes Into The World

In 1195,a child came into the world.He was the first male child of a rich family.After he was baptized he took the name of Fernando.His family wants him to be lawyer but he loves an ordinary life a lot.He always thinks the God and always prays.
He left home when he was fifteen years old.He settled in a monestery.He would dedicate his life to God.No one would prevent him doing it.He went an another church in Portuguese because of his family always prevented him from living out his dreams.He assumed the title of priest in 25 years old.

He had changed his name as Antuan

After 5 Franciscan misionaries were died in 1222,their funerals were brought in the church where Fernando was.Fernando who was influenced a lot by the Franciscans there,changed his name to break with his past and took the road in the opinion of being martyred.But,somethings do not go well.He was laid up with his sickness a long time and he had to left from Moroccan.

The Antoine Becoming Saint

After he had met with Saint Fransua,he would be influenced much more by him and he would preach the Bible next time that wherever he went as wanderer.His speech of quality would make him well known one and the people would come to listen him all over the Europe.He would take responsibility in Franciscan Sect in time and would be teacher by establishing schools.According to some people,he maintains his life by miracles and according to some people,he would be canonise by his great faithfulness.

Istanbul calls you 

Wherever you are in the world, come and have experience about the traces of the world civilizations at capital of the history 

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