The Serpentine Column

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The Serpentine Column

Did you hear that three hundred Spartans stopped the a million army of Persian or?

The Serpentine Column

Did you know that the Persians passed through Istanbul while they were going on the battles with the Greek city-states?

After those wars that they had lost their weapons which were melted by bronce and a monument was built.This monument was brought to the Istanbul in Constantine period and it is still there?

Do not watch the triumph in movies that starts with the disobedience of three hundred brave soldiers and ended with the union of the Greek people. 

Come to Istanbul and look through this monument which made from melted weapons of Persian armies.

From the three hundred Spartans to the sea warfare of Salamis

The king of Persia who is the first Serhas returned to Persia after he had lost the naval warfare, leaving the occupied the Greek territories to the General Mordonius. 
Mardonius wanted to deal with Athens but Athens did not accept this agreement and he offered the Spartans to battle against the Persian who were known as the great fighters of the Greek States. The Spartans left Athens alone by not accepting this offer. So, Mardonius captured Athens and he enforced the Athenians to make an agreement once again that he wanted before. The Athenians would not accepted this offer again .

The Spartans send out their biggest armies that haven’t seen until that day 

This ongoing situation between the Athens and the Persians that caused to disturb the Spartans. They agreed to be unionize with the Athens in the case that starting to think about how the agreement of the Athens and the Persians would be dangerous. They would send 45,000 troops to support the Athens. The Spartan army was the most crowded that ever seen in any war.

The Persian General has made strategic mistakes 

When Mardonius learnt that the Spartans would send troops to support the Athens, he completely destroyed the Athens. He thought that the Greeks would not be able to unite and the early attack would be able to provide him victory before the Greeks were gathered. But,it was not the case at all. The attack was repelled by Greek opposition. The Greeks moved along to the Platea. Now,both army faced with each other and they expected the first attack from each other.
The first attack was started by the Persian army. The Greek armies drew the Persians troops by giving withdrawal impression to the point of war that they wanted. Here,the Persians would have been heavily defeated.
When the Greeks had won the battle of Platea, they would defeat the Persians navy at the Mycle sea warfare within the same day. Thus, while the Persian’s dreams about conquering the Greece was ended there could also accessible the time of that Alexandre the Great conquering the Persia.

The Victory of the Greek people ‘s common struggle in the Temple of Delphi

After won the battles,the Greeks made a bronze victory monument by melting weapons belonging to the Persian armies. This monument was given the name of the Serpantine Column that symbolizes the struggle of the Greek people, which was given as a gift to the Temple of Delphie. The Serpentine Column was built as bell-shaped on a pedestal. 
A golden boiler was put on the heads of the snakes and the fire is continuously burning. The Pausanias had great success in the war, even though he wrote article that he thought himself as hero but after a while this article was deleted upon the Spartans request and was written as the name of the thirty one Greek city states that defeated the Persians.
The golden boiler on the column was melted to defray the war cost in the coming years ,in this way only a part the spiral of three snakes remained.

The Constantine brought the Serpentine Column to the Istanbul 

A great majority of the historians accept that the serpent column was brought to the Istanbul by Constantine. The Constantine who made the city as capital by rebuilding the city, brought the Serpentine Column to protect the city from dengerous animals. 

Istanbul calls you 

Wherever you are in the world, come and have experience about the traces of the world civilizations at capital of the history 

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