The Unattended Talisman in Istanbul ;The Stone Masonry.

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Ocak 14, 2024
The Sveti Stefan;The Iron Church
Ocak 14, 2024

The Unattended Talisman in Istanbul ;The Stone Masonry.

The Unattended Talisman in Istanbul ;The Stone Masonry.

The Colossus of Rhodes was wonderful and this monument evokes admiration.

One of the three talismans of the Hippodrome

It is an unknown Stone that who was made.

Istanbul is the city of talismans.

An unattended Stone.

Even if the Stone Masonry is called as ‘’Konstantinopolis’’,it is unknown that when it was made by whom.It was repaired by the seventh Constantine.It is situated in Istanbul at Sultanahmet,Hippodrome with the Obelisk and the Serpentine Column.According to the Evliya Celebi,it is one of the talisman of the city with the other two monuments.The Constantinus attached the figures that describing the victories of his father,the first Basileios.
In the pedestal of marble,it was written that ‘’Tha seventh Constantinus has created a masterpiece to compete with a giant monument in Rhodes.
Below the ground level;this tetragon,stupendous and magnificent monument was ruined over time,but now it has been made relatively better than its former image by the Emperor Constantinus and his son who is the glory of state,Ramonus.
The Rhodes Colossus was magnificent ,this bronze monument evokes admiration.Come to Istanbul.
In a single square the constructions of the East and West wait for you together.

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