The Sveti Stefan;The Iron Church

The Unattended Talisman in Istanbul ;The Stone Masonry.
Ocak 14, 2024
Yeraltı Camii ; Yerin Altında Bir Camii
Ocak 14, 2024

The Sveti Stefan;The Iron Church

It is the only iron church of the world

The Church of Sveti Stefan

The three churches were built in the world

These two of them could not resist the time

The surviver is in Istanbul with its all glory.

The Iron Church calls you.

Come to Istanbul

And have a concession by visiting the only iron church of the world.

In the nineteenth century,the Istanbulite Bulgarians want to build a church apart from the Fener Greek Church to perform a religous ceremony in their language.Although the Patriarchate object to ,the deputy Stefan Vogoridis,one of the leading the community of the Bulgarian,recieved permission to build a church from the Ottoman Porte.
He had granted his twenty five roomed-house for the construciton of the church.Thus,the Bulgarian Leadership opened in eighteen-fifty years.A church was built right across the Leadership and was given the name of Sveti Stefan who donates his house.
Thus,the Bulgarians explained that they wouldn’t accept the leadership of The Fener Greek Patriarch anymore.Therewith,the Patriarchate excommunicated the Bulgarians.After the Patriarchate excommunicated the Bulgarians,the Bulgarians had received permission from the Ottomans to build a larger church.

It was made of iron all the way

The construction of the church lasted about one and a half years.The all external walls,the walls,the stairs,the Windows,shortly everything were made of iron.
The first stage of the construction of the church was in the garden of the Waagner Company which was built the church as prefabricated.Later on,it was brought to Istanbul in pieces over The Danube River and The Black Sea. 
The unveil of the church was in eighteen-ninety eight.

The Trees Was Brought from The Brazil.

In the construction of the church,the trees living in the water were brought from the Brazil.The three hundred twenty five was driven in a stake in The Golden Horn and the iron pieces were mounted on these stakes.
There are three churches that all made of iron in the world.One of them was in Argentina and the other was in Istanbul.With the disappearance of the other two churches,Sveti Stefan Church was left as the only one.

Istanbul calls you 

Wherever you are in the world, come and have experience about the traces of the world civilizations at capital of the history

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