The Blue Mosque; The Blue Twinkling of The City

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The Blue Mosque; The Blue Twinkling of The City

The Blue Twinkling of The City

The Blue Mosque of the Europeans with the appearance of six minarets,four-leaf clover

A great gratitude proffered to God in the midst of the world’s throne

The Sultan who carried soil with his hand

The hills of the Historical Peninsula,which is the original of Istanbul,were filled with mosque in the name of Sultans.The Sultan Ahmet wanted to build a mosque in magnificent as an indication of gratitude that never seen before 
Although the world’s Sultans of the Ottoman had built so many mosques,The Blue Mosque isthe center of the throne.The Sultan Ahmet stroke the pickax to the basis field of mosque.He carried soil with his skirt.The construction lasted seven years ,five months,six days and the Blue Mosque takes it a place in history with all its glory

The Historical Glorious Structure of The Architect Mehmet Agha

The inner of the mosque built by the architect Mehmet Agha,resembles to four-leaf clover.Two hundred-sixty Windows were opened,the colors on the walls integrated with the light and the Blue Mosque introduced itself to the world as ‘’Mavi Cami’’. 

The Tale of The Six Minaret

According to the story the first Sultan Ahmet tells Mehmet Agha to build the mosque that under the minarets .TheMehmet Agha thinks that it will overspend the budget of the state too much.He behaves as if he misunderstood and he built the six minarets mosque.On the one side,while admiring the mosque with its glory,on the other hand it creates troublesomeness that being six minarets of the mosque in Kaaba.In this way,the Sultan Ahmet summoned the Mehmet Agha and asks him that ‘’How many minarets are in Kaaba ?’’
The Mehmet Agha who realizes the situaiton,goes to Mecca and when he returns after two years he says that ‘’There are seven minarets anymore.’’

The Blue Mosque calls you.

You will have different feelings.It will effect to you that will shiver down your spine.

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