The Forum Cemberlitas

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Mart 14, 2024
The Million Stone;The Journey to The Center of The World
Mart 14, 2024

The Forum Cemberlitas

The Forum Cemberlitas

The Trip to Istanbul from The Temple of Apollon

The talisman that was given its name to the district

The legend of the sacred properties of the Prophet Jesus Christ

Come to Istanbul

Enjoy the city which is mosaic of cultures from the East to the West

A gift from Constantine

The Cemberlitas Column was erected by the first Constantine in the area of current name,Cemberlitas which was one of the seven hills of Istanbul that its former name was the Forum Constantine.It was constituted by imbricated of eight columns an done pedestal.Each column is three tons weight an is three meters in diameter.
Travel from th Temple of Apollon to Istanbul.
The Emperor Constantine dismantled the column and brought it from the Temple of Apollon which saluted the rising sun was there ,when it was erected in Istanbul in three hundred-thirty years the Emperor Constantine put his own statue on it and then the Julianus and Theodosius put their own statues on it.After stroke of lightning,the statue was ruined in eighteen oh one.The first Alexias fixed the column and put a big cross up on it.The cross was removed due to conquering of Istanbul in fourteen-fifty three.After the marbles of column were damaged due to great great fire in Ottoman period, and the second Sultan Mustafa strengthened the columns by surrounding with strap irons that filled with walls.After that day,the Cemberlitas has been said.
The Traces of the Prophet Jesus Christ.
According to the story,it is said that,some of goods that was brought from the grave of the Prophet Jesus which was supposed to in Jerusalem, were burried under the column.

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