The Million Stone;The Journey to The Center of The World

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Mart 14, 2024
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Mart 15, 2024

The Million Stone;The Journey to The Center of The World

Would you like to travel to the center of the World?

The Million Stone

We can describe it to you

The center of the world

İstanbul is the capital of history that become the center of the world empires that ruled the World.

It is a history which is too much big for numerous books

It is the city of mosaics that carried to generation by blending different cultures of the continents.

The city is the capital of cultures of Europe

Zero point of the continents and oceans

It is the prime meridian.

Istanbul is the capital of the Roman Empire

Constantin rebuilt Istanbul to make the capital city of the Roman Empire.He has built the Great Palace ,the palaces such as the Senate Palace,Hagia Irene, the churches such as Holy Apostles churches, monuments like Cemberlitaş and the structures like Hippodrome.He has opened the new squares and lasted for six years of this feverish work and he declared Istanbul as the capital of the Roman Empire on 11 May 330.

The Holy City, Istanbul

Architect Leontius was planning to make the city center of the world when the city was founded. The power of the empire was great but at the same time,holiness was necessary to the city. Leontius wanted to bring the Million Stone in Jerusalem to the city from Emperor Constantin to untie this situation that believed to be touched by Jesus Christ.

All the roads lead to Istanbul

The stone is brought from Jerusalem and sewn in front of the temple which is now in Haghia Sophia that ruined at that time.The zero point of the world where the stone is now.All measurements were taken from here,the distances started from here and all the roads maps were provided from here.Thus, the Milliarium Aureum of Rome was moved to the new capital of the world. Now,all the roads lead to Istanbul.

Travel to the center of the world. 

Visit the historical peninsula. Whether you come by sea or by road ,trams will meet you all over the peninsula.If you get off at the station of Sultan Ahmet,walk down afew metres.If you look down the road you will see a long queue. But do not hurry. There are hundreds of people are waiting to see the first Cathedral of the world and perhaps,most of them are unaware that it is so close to the center of the World.
Yes,ıt is the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia and there is a stone standing alone which is beside up to 50 metres from its tramway road.There are a few steps to reach the center of the earth.Ask for permisson from the glory of Hagia Sophia and salute the Million Stone .

Istanbul calls you

Wherever you are in the world come and have experience about the traces of the world civilizations in capital of history

We chose for you ►►The Obelisk

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