The Museum of Great Palace

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Mart 14, 2024
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The Museum of Great Palace

The Art Fairies,The Muses

The Museum of Great Palace

The Traces of Art Fairies

The Museums of Great Palace

The Museum of Great Palace Mosaics call you

This is not a museum where the museums are erected and the works are moved.A museum that built on the work.You will be more influenced as long as you see what people can do 

The Muses Art Fairies

Are works that consisted of ornamentation that gathered different colors of pieces in a mosaic surface.The origin of Latin word of mosaic is Musaicum that taken from French Mosaique word.The mosaic means that work of Muses and the Muses are the art fairies.In Grekoreman mythologies consisted of gathered of the Greek and Asia,means that the sister goddesses.These goddesses defined as Inspration Fairy are nine. 

The Tale of Muses

According to legend,the Muses are daughters of the Greek God Zeus and Mnemosyne.The Zeus spends nine nights with Mynemosyne and every night one muse was born. 
The Erato Lyrical Love Poems
The Terpsikhore Dance
The Thalia Comedy
The Melpomene Tragedy
The Polymnia Holy Poems
The Urania Astronomy
The Euterpe Flute
The Kalliope Epic Poetry
The Kleia (Clio) Date

The Great Palace Mosaics.

The mosaics up to ancient times that were seen in Sumerians five thousand years ago
Even if it was seen in many different places during this period of history,the golden age of mosaic may have been said in the Byzantine period

The Great Palace Mosaics are one of them

The mosaic stones in five milimetre size that recovered one hundred-eighty square meter in area,are consist of colorful stones,limestone and terra-cotta 
There are no religious motifs in mosaics.The subjects are usually in daily life,nature and mythology.The Great Palace dating between the years of 450-550,is substantial from artistic point of view
The mosaic upholstery is partly imperviously in backyard of the Byzantine Empire Great Palace,was guardedly built on it.

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